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Branding & Rebranding

Logo Creation, Concept Ideation and Development, Merchandise, Digital and Print Collateral Design, Typography & Illustration.


Collider Magazine

A multi-platformed layout editorial based on the topic of where art and design collide.

a4 magazine  mockup copy.png


Herb & Fuego

The branding for this new Argentinian restaurant, 'Herb and Fuego' explores a modern design approach to traditional cuisine, combining bright and playful illustrations with a traditional colour palette and imagery. The restaurant area aims to feel welcoming and exciting, offering traditional food for a modern audience. 



Australian Museum Rebranding Proposal 

The Australia Museum is Australia's oldest natural history museum, housing over 21 million objects from Australia and all over the world, representing both Australia's unique diversity of fauna and flora and its indigenous background and heritage. It was this combination of subjects and histories that influenced this new logo design.


Melbourne International 
Jazz Festival - Rebranding

Within this rebrand of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, I aimed to explore a more contemporary approach through the combination of artistic illustrations, stylised typefaces, and bold colours. From this, I had hoped to add both a refreshed feel to the brand and a stronger sense of the jazz identity and culture. The logo was influenced by the original brand which was purely typographic.



De'Wild Magazine

The De'wild Magazine explores a combination of art and graphic design, with a focus on digital art.


A Zine of Possibilities

A self-promotional piece that explored the combination of handmade art, design and a Multidisciplinary approach of designer, Jessica Serov.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 8.05.43 pm.png


Modern Serov Typeface

This typeface design was inspired by a number of natural and artistic influences, from modern fashion magazines such as vogue to natural curves and shapes found in rock formations and landscapes.

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