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Australian Museum
(Rebrand Proposal)

Rebranding an Icon

The Australia Museum is Australia's oldest natural history museum, housing over 21 million objects from Australia and all over the world, representing both Australia's unique diversity of fauna and flora and its indigenous background and heritage. It was this combination of subjects and histories that influenced this new logo design.

Each Element of this logo represents a different aspect of the museum. The Podozamites Jurassic, An extinct conifer plant from the middle to late Jurassic (166-145 million years old), symbolises both the native flora and natural history of Australia. The Imagery of the echidna and the fish represent both the native land and ocean fauna of Australia. As these two images were sourced from local historic indigenous stone engravings, they come to also embody the culture and history of the Guringai language group, who lived in the area now known the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park for more than 25,000 years”. (Australian Museum, 2018).

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