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Portfolio Zine & Poster

Where Creativity Collides

Portfolio Teaser: The final hand-printed outcome was the accumulation of Lino-cut printing, Letterpress printing and Photo-polymer printing. These three relief methods each played a different role in the printing process. The Lino-cuts were used to create the illustration elements. The letterpress method was used for the small type sections. However, the large type and the QR code was made using a material called Photo-polymer.

Photo-polymer is a great medium to use for replicating digital imagery in print. The Photo-polymer is a light sensitives solution placed on either an aluminium plate or acetate backing. When a transparent negative image is placed on top of the plate and set in a light, the solution will essentially dissolve, leaving a printable surface with your chosen design.

I decided to use this photo-polymer method because it enabled me to replicate my original computer design. The problem with using solely letterpress is that it is limited by the physical type available, and unfortunately, the Museum of printing studio nor I possessed the needed large format, sans serif typeface.

Although the final outcome is not as perfect as a computer-developed print,it offers a unique style and character. Every imperfection only adds to its handmade quality and overall aesthetic.

A special note:

I owe a big thank you to Kelly Lye from the Hopscotch press and the Museum of printing in Armidale for supplying me with the needed printing equipment and letterpress technical assistance.

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