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New England Heritage Festival

Keeping tradition alive

A regional heritage festival aiming to preserve the past and educate the next generation.

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The annual New England Antique Machinery Club Rally is receiving a much-needed revitalisation and rebrand to the New England Heritage Fest to broaden its appeal and attract future generations to ensure the region’s rich history and heritage continues to be celebrated.

The New England Antique Machinery Club (NEAMC) has successfully held the rally annually since 1986 and the event has been an integral part of the club’s engagement with the community. The club also relies on the event to generate much of its revenue which covers rent at the Armidale Showground and ongoing maintenance costs of the club’s antique machinery collection. Like many clubs, especially those that celebrate our history, the club’s membership is getting older and a new generation is needed to take the reins and keep the love of antique machinery alive and thriving.

President of the NEAMC Rob Taber said it was now or never for the club and its continued existence.

“We are one of the oldest antique machinery clubs in Australia and our members have done so much over the years to showcase the region’s heritage machinery,” said Mr Taber

“Many of us are getting older and we need new blood that can continue our legacy. We have some young members with some great ideas to make our event more enjoyable and relevant.”

New England Times

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