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Campaign Solutions

Campaign Creation, Concept ideation and Development,

Marketing Collateral, Merchandise, Social Media Strategy.


The Armidale Autumn Festival

Join the community for the much-loved Autumn Festival, hosted by Armidale Regional Council. At the most beautiful time of the year in Armidale with all of the glorious autumn colour, we come together to celebrate our diverse and wonderful community.

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A clothing brand which aims to helps underrepresented minorities of women, who want to feel accepted and confident by reducing the stigma surrounding bodies image ideals and increasing body positivity and equality standards within the fashion industry.

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Stupid to a Degree

An academic Integrity Awareness campaign that aims to:

- Educate, promote and prevent academic breaches.

- Increase Academic Integrity awareness across entire       T.G.E Student Cohort.

- Create opportunities for conversation and connection     through engaging outcomes.

- Create an intellectual environment where academic         honesty, critical judgment, and independent learning       are well understood and highly valued.

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Sunscreen Station Australia

A Campaign that aims to increase awareness about Sunscreen Stations across Australian schools and positively educate students on the importance of sun safety and the use of sunscreen. 


AGDA Workplace
Safety Seminar

These AGDA Run seminars covered 3 topics in regards to workplace safety. These seminars included:

Seminar 1: Legal requirements

Seminar 2: Safe work practices in the graphic design 

Seminar 3: Intellectual property in the Internet age.

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