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Where Creativity Collides
& Possibilities Await

The Blue Stamp is a privately owned, Multi-disciplined creative studio that strives to offer both innovative Graphic Design solutions and traditional based artwork.

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding & Rebranding

  • Event Merchandise & Collateral

  • Merchandise Design

  • Marketing & Campaign Strategies

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Packaging Design

  • Digital and Print Design 

  • Website Design

  • Traditional based Illustration

  • Client focus 

  • Human Orientated Approach

Graphic Design Services: 

The Blue Stamp Studio

Meet the Designer


Graphic Designer / Printmaker / Explorer

Hello! My name is Jessica Serov, and I’m what you may consider to be an overachiever of sorts. As a graphic

designer, communication designer and an old school artist and printmaker, I have a real need to be involved

in a world where I can offer a unique perspective and

strive to improve the human experience. That is, I am determined to explore all that creativity has to offer,

and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

As a creatively driven individual with a proclivity for

multi-disciplinary solutions, I am a big advocate for

human orientated design. These are designs which value honesty, understanding, originality and are

designed for the sole purpose of improving the

human experience. Like this concept, I, too, as a designer, feel that I can offer these same qualities

 along with reliability, optimism, a resilient passion,

and an industrious nature.

I am extremely motivated to pursue multi-disciplinary approaches and embrace innovative thinking. Along with branding and all things creative design, I have a great eye for detail and a can-do attitude and would be thrilled to be apart of your next design project.



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