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Packaging Design

Branding, Concept ideation and Development, Packaging Design,

P.O.S & Marketing Collateral, Merchandise, Social Media Strategy.

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Urban Maker

Packaging design which explores the category of art supplies focusing on relief printing, creativity and skill sharing.


Swivel Kit

The Swivel Kit is a grab and go, portable, lightweight, compact, and organised reinvention of the traditional travel toiletry kit. Within this 6 pack toiletry kit, is a unique swivel design that aims to reduce the clutter and mess from traveling.

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Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 3.42.17 pm.png


Flux Kombucha

Within this Bottle Label, I explored a playful illustrative style that aimed to highlight the common perceptions associated with the product, Kombucha. That covers ideas such as fresh, Healthy, modern, organic, and tasty. 

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