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Service Design

Service Concept ideation and Development,

Marketing Collateral, Merchandise, Social Media Strategy,

Web & App Design.


Grassroots Funeral Awareness

A full-body experience that caters towards each of the senses, offering its viewer a completely immersive experience that demonstrates multiple perspectives of funeral debate.

This concept includes:

• An Awareness campaign

• A Social experiment

• Virtual Reality Experience

• Two perspectives

• Provocative Question

• Staff: Actor dressed as Funeral Director

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 1.37.16 pm.png


The Eco Trade

An E-commerce Marketplace for Plastic-free,

Eco-friendly alternative house goods.

The Eco trade is targeting the two main issues associated with plastic waste pollution, that is the physical use and waste of plastic and our disposable mentality. Through an eco-friendly service, the user would gain convenience, a reusable mentality, access to a large range of environmentally friendly products and first-hand knowledge of the lifestyle and its environmental impacts and benefits

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 1.59.19 pm.png


Imprint - App

The Product:

An E-commerce Marketplace for Fine Art Prints.


The Objective was to create an online art market that:​

  • Specialises in Fine Art Prints

  • Caters to the lower to middle class consumer, offering a large price range

  • Provides awareness and recognition of Australian printmaking artists.

  • Fills a gap for printmaking in the Art Industry.

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