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Flux Kombucha

Farm to Plate

Within this Bottle Label, I explored a playful illustrative style that aimed to highlight the common perceptions associated with the product, Kombucha. That covers ideas such as fresh, Healthy, modern, organic, and tasty. 

The illustration represents the concept of farm to plate. By showing hands picking the fruit, it suggests freshness, is organic and provides a wholesome vibe. The colours and outline style of the illustration create a fun, energetic and modern look, and with a clear background, the white lines and text really stand out and attract the eye.


This flux brand offered two flavours of kombucha, that is Raspberry & Mint 

and Lemon & Ginger. To keep the packaging consistent, the same style of illustration is used and the same figurative hand, however, differentiate them from each other, the colour change from pink and green for the raspberry & mint to orange and yellow for the lemon and Ginger. The illustrations of the fruit also change to visually indicate the flavour of each bottle.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 3.42.17 pm.png
close u1.jpg
lemon front.jpg
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