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Stupid to a Degree:
Academic Integrity Campaign

Client: Torrens / Think Education/ Media Design School

Project Proposal:

Academic Integrity Awareness Month

Client Brief:

Create an academic Integrity Awareness campaign that aims to:

  • Educate, promote and prevent academic breaches.

  • Increase Academic Integrity awareness across entire T.G.E Student Cohort.

  • Create opportunities for conversation and connection through engaging            outcomes.

  • Create an intellectual environment where academic honesty, critical judgment, and independent learning are well understood and highly valued.

This project is targeted towards:

  •  The Entire Students Cohort (which includes of all ages 18+).

  • Post and undergraduate students.

  • Lecturers & Faculty

  • Torrens University

  • Think Education

  • Media Design School ( N.Z )

Through this project, we intend to:

  • Create an intellectual environment that embodies thevalues of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility in achieving academic outcomes.

  • Foster academic integrity in the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Produce graduates with a strong sense of professional ethics.

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Stupid to a Degree
The full package, multi-disciplinary
approach to Modern A.I Education.
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