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Ceid Tag

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Contact-less Electronic Identification Tag

Contact-less Electronic Identification Tag (C.E.I.Dtag) is an environmentally friendly alternative business card system designed to minimise carbon footprints, reduce paper waste pollution, and create a network of organisation and productivity. This is achieved through developing a Bluetooth enabled device and an accompanying contact storage app. The product and system are focused on small businesses and self-employed individuals.

The app is designed to act like a digital contact book that allows you to Download ID information from the device, Enable the user to store and organise contacts with a search bar option, Make direct call/ message/ and video chat from the contacts, Customise and update personal information, Connect, link and share to social media, Link locations to maps and Take and store photos within contact folders.

As an added feature the app will offer an Augmented Reality display, enabling the user to visually see the information of a person placed beside the real person behind the screen. This will help people associate a name with a face and aid in memory recognition. This AR display can also be screenshot and stored in that person's contact information folder for future reference.

The CeidTag Ring will contain an RFID Chip to enable syncing and connection to the app. To enhance the user experience the ring will also contain a LED light ring to indicate open and close status: red is open, light blue is closed, Open and close clip to enable multiple carrying options, it will be made from recycled plastic and be Coloured Matte turquoise green to match its ecofriendly perception.

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